Street Style Inspiration for Women

Street style has become one of the biggest influences in the fashion world. Once considered an underground subculture, street style is now dictating mainstream trends and changing the way women dress. The streets have become the ultimate runway, with stylish women displaying their individuality through creative mixes of patterns, textures and accessories.

Street style empowers women to break free from the prescribed notions of beauty and femininity. It gives them the freedom to play with different styles and create looks that are truly unique. If you’re looking to shake up your wardrobe and try something new, then it’s time to take inspiration from the best-dressed girls on the streets.

Decoding Street Style for Women

Street style is all about expressing your individuality and personal style through your clothing. At its core, it’s about being confident, comfortable and staying true to yourself. Street style gives women the liberty to blend high fashion with casual pieces, mix designer items with thrift store finds and pair feminine items with edgy accessories.

The origins of modern street style can be traced back to the punk movement in the 1970s and hip hop culture in the 1980s. Over the decades, it has continued to evolve through various subcultures like skate, surf and hipster cultures. Today, street style is no longer limited to just one social group. Women from all walks of life are incorporating street style elements into their own distinctive looks.

So what are the key elements that make up great street style?

  • Creative layering: Street style looks often incorporate unexpected layering using jackets, kimonos, cropped tops and more. Don’t be afraid to get creative with textures, colors and prints.
  • Edgy accessories: Hats, sunglasses, bold jewelry and bags are used liberally to add urban edge to feminine pieces.
  • Playful prints and patterns: From polka dots to camo and graphic tees, street style is all about having fun with prints.
  • Vintage and thrift store finds: Pre-loved items like oversized denim, retro T-shirts and vintage dresses make great street style pieces.
  • Androgynous elements: Oversized pieces, menswear-inspired tailoring and sneakers add a tomboy vibe.

The most important thing is to stay true to your own unique aesthetic. Street style is all about fearless self-expression.

Street Style Icons and Trendsetters

Many stylish celebs and fashion bloggers have become inspirations for women looking to rock urban cool street style. Some of the biggest names include:


No one mixes high-low fashion quite like Rihanna. She’s a street style icon who seamlessly blends designer pieces with edgy urban elements. Some of her signature moves include oversized jackets, baggy pants, crop tops, bold prints and lots of bling. Rihanna’s ever-evolving style continues to shape trends.

Chiara Ferragni

As a fashion blogger and designer, Chiara Ferragni has mastered chic street style. She’s known for wearing eye-catching colors, prints and accessories that pack a punch. Metallic details, statement sunglasses and fun shoes are some of her go-to pieces for creating standout looks.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid’s street style features a cool Californian vibe. She often opts for distressed denim, laidback tees, menswear-inspired coats and retro sneakers. Hadid cleverly balances masculine and feminine elements in her outfits. Her casual ensembles are perfect inspiration for relaxed weekend wear.

Alexa Chung

The ultimate cool girl, Alexa Chung rocks an effortless brand of street style. Some of her signatures include breton stripes, denim cutoffs, mini skirts and ankle boots. Chung proves that a t-shirt and jeans can still look chic when styled the right way.

Olivia Palermo

With her preppy and polished take on street style, Olivia Palermo demonstrates how to look put together while still being edgy. She frequently incorporates tweed, leather, plaid and knits into her urban chic looks. Palermo cleverly contrasts textures and feminine accents to create her signature style.

Mastering Street Style Trends

Street style trends evolve quickly – what’s hot one season may be old news the next. Some current trends gaining traction include:

Oversized blazers – Empowering and sophisticated, oversized blazers are being worn as dresses or layered over jeans and leggings. Choose strong shoulders and longer lengths for the most stylish look.

Bike shorts – Form fitting bike shorts are no longer just for the gym. Pair them with oversized blazers or hoodies for a fashion-forward athleisure style.

Utility details – Cargo pants, belted jumpsuits and multi-pocketed vests are bringing utilitarian accents to women’s street style. Pick pieces in soft fabrics for a more feminine utility look.

Logomania – Designer logos are back in a big way. Branded tees, sweatshirts and accessories are being mixed into both casual and dressy looks.

Neon brights – Vibrant neon hues instantly liven up any outfit. Try a neon jacket, handbag or pair of shoes to make a style statement.

The key is to not go overboard with any single trend. Try incorporating one or two current trends in a way that suits your personal style. Play with proportions, mix high and low end items and add accessories to give trendy pieces your own unique spin.

Creating Your Signature Street Style

Once you’ve gotten inspiration from the trendsetters and experimented with some trends, it’s time to develop your own distinctive brand of street style. Here are some tips for creating signature looks:

Find your fashion muse – Pick a stylish celeb or model whose look really resonates with you. Let them be your inspiration as you cultivate your own style.

Choose your go-to pieces – Identify 3-5 staple items you can wear on repeat, like a leather moto jacket, distressed jeans or a graphic tee.

Establish your color palette – Do you look best in neutrals, pastels, jewel tones or brights? Stick to a cohesive color scheme that complements your skin tone.

Mix high and low – Street style is all about creative mixing. Pair fast-fashion items with luxury pieces to create interesting contrasts.

Add personality with accessories – Customize your look with cool hats, jewelry, scarves, bags or sunglasses that express your personality.

Break the fashion “rules” – Street style encourages you to have fun with fashion. Don’t be afraid to clash colors, patterns and textures.

Be confident – At the end of the day, street style is all about owning your look. Wear your outfit with confidence and it will always look amazing.

Street Style Essentials

Build your street style wardrobe with these versatile essentials:

Denim jackets – A denim jacket instantly adds a cool edge. Try a cropped, oversized or distressed style.

Leather jackets – The leather moto jacket is a street style staple. Opt for biker, bomber or trench styles.

Oversized button-downs – Menswear-inspired oversized shirts look great layered over tanks and jeans.

Graphic tees – Edgy graphic tees with logos, prints or slogans capture the street style attitude.

Sneakers – From classic Vans to platform styles, sneakers are a streetwear must-have.

Skinny jeans – Look for jeans in dark washes, complete with rips and raw hems.

Mini skirts – Have fun with plaid, leather or denim mini skirts paired with tights or knee socks.

Slouchy boots – Laidback slouchy boots complement the relaxed vibe of most street style outfits.

Backpacks – Practical backpacks are a street style essential for hands-free weekend wear.

Hats – Baseball caps, beanies and bucket hats complete the carefree street style look.

Mix and match these essentials while adding your own personal flair through prints, colors and accessories. Investing in these timeless pieces will ensure you’re always street style ready!


Street style allows women to embrace their individuality and self-expression. It’s about having the confidence to wear what you love rather than blindly following trends. Let your inner street style star shine through by taking inspiration from the fashionable women who pave the way. Don’t be afraid to break the rules and get creative. Most importantly, believe in your own signature style and wear it proudly on the streets!



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