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Men’s fashion has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. While tailored suits and formalwear used to dominate men’s closets, nowadays men have a lot more flexibility when it comes to style. One of the biggest influences shaping men’s fashion today is street style.

Street style refers to the clothing and styles adopted by people on the streets and urban settings. It emphasizes individuality, comfort, and self-expression over conformity. For men, street style has opened up new possibilities to be stylish while also being comfortable and casual. The trends and inspiration from influential street style icons have filtered down to mainstream fashion, giving men more options than ever before.

In this article, we’ll explore the essential elements that make up men’s street style along with tips to help you develop your own unique street style persona.

Men’s Street Style Essentials

At its core, men’s street style is all about creating outfits that are fashionable yet comfortable. It combines elements across different styles like streetwear, athleisure, and casual fashion to create distinctive looks. Here are some of the staple pieces that form the foundation of great street style outfits for men:

Statement Pieces

The key to awesome street style is incorporating statement pieces that display your personality. This could include printed t-shirts, graphic crewnecks, bomber jackets, or distressed denim with unique washes. Statement sneakers like Air Jordans or designer shoes can also amp up regular outfits. The bolder and more expressive the statement piece, the better.


Layering different textures, patterns, and lengths is intrinsic to men’s street style. Hoodies, flannel shirts, leather and denim jackets are great layering options over t-shirts. You can also layer t-shirts or shirts under sweaters for added depth. Mixing up fabrics like wool, cotton, and leather can create dimension.


Accessories complete street style looks. Hats like beanies, caps and bucket hats are popular streetwear accessories. Sunglasses, jewelry like chains and bracelets, and bags like backpacks and messenger bags also add urban flair. Even socks can make a statement in an outfit with bold colors and patterns.

The Right Fit

Nailing the right fit is crucial for any outfit. Street style pieces should not be overly baggy or tight. The slim fit and skinny jeans are good options that are flattering without being restrictive. Oversized tops and outerwear balanced with well-fitted bottoms work well.

Street Style Icons and Inspiration

Certain celebrities and fashion influencers have become synonymous with men’s street style thanks to their iconic looks. By studying their signature styles, you can draw inspiration to create your own original outfits.

Kanye West

No list of street style icons is complete without mentioning Kanye West. His edgy streetwear-infused looks featuring leather pants, oversized tees, and luxury sneakers have influenced an entire generation. He popularized the hip-hop inspired street style aesthetic.

A$AP Rocky

The rapper A$AP Rocky is well-known for his bold take on street fashion. He mixes high fashion with streetwear for unique looks featuring unexpected silhouettes, lively prints, and an avant-garde edge. His flair for experimentation has expanded the boundaries of men’s street style.

David Beckham

Former soccer superstar David Beckham has evolved into a style icon. He masters combining tailored pieces with streetwear for an upscale casual vibe. His signature looks involve varsity jackets, stylish sneakers, and baseball caps. Beckham demonstrates how to inject street style into smart casual outfits.

Justin Bieber

Pop singer Justin Bieber is a major influencer of youth street style. His looks include oversized streetwear, edgy accessories, and urban-inspired hairstyles. Bieber is skilled at remixing high fashion with skater style for compelling looks.

Travis Scott

Travis Scott’s grunge-meets-hip-hop style has captured the imagination of the streetwear generation. He mixes vintage band tees and jeans with the latest sneaker drops. Scott shows how to blend retro and contemporary elements for dope street style.

Street Style Trends for Men

Street style continues to evolve as new trends emerge each season. By staying updated on the latest street style crazes, you can refine your wardrobe with of-the-moment pieces.


The athleisure trend combines athletic wear with street fashion. It features wardrobe staples like joggers, sneakers, and hoodies alongside casual everyday pieces. Athleisure allows you to look stylish while being comfortable.

Oversized Fits

Exaggerated silhouettes are currently dominating street style. Oversized tees, wide-legged pants, and cropped jackets are some oversized pieces to try out. These offset slimmer layers underneath for cool contrast.

Utility Details

Details inspired by utilitarian and military clothing are big right now. Cargo pants, tactical vests, and pocket-heavy pieces add functional flair. Robust materials like canvas and ripstop nylon are also on trend.

Bold Prints and Patterns

From animal prints to abstract graphics, bold prints make any outfit pop. Hawaiian shirts, patterned button-downs, and printed sweatshirts are just some of the statement patterned pieces to incorporate.

Gender-Fluid Fashion

Street style today embraces gender-fluid dressing. Pieces like kilts, skirts, and sheer fabrics allow men to experiment with traditionally feminine styles. This shows how street style gives men freedom of expression.

How to Dress Like a Street Style Icon

Here are some tips to help you bring together outfits inspired by street style icons:

Understand Your Personal Style

The key is understanding your own individual style before attempting to emulate others. Analyze current wardrobe favorites and pieces you feel most confident in. This will reveal your personal style inclinations.

Pick a Street Style Muse

Choose a street style icon who aligns closest with your style preferences. For example, if you like hip-hop, Kanye could be your muse. If you prefer an upscale edge, Beckham’s looks might inspire you.

Adapt Their Style to Your Wardrobe

Avoid copying looks outright. Rather, study the elements that make their outfits work and see how you can recreate that with pieces already in your closet. Substitute items appropriately to make the look your own.

Experiment with New Pieces

Add a few new pieces inspired by your muse into your wardrobe rotation. Maybe that means copping some skinny jeans if Bieber is your inspo or a bomber jacket for Beckham vibes. See how you can style them in your own way.

Accessorize to Finish the Look

Accessories like statement sunglasses, hats, jewelry, and shoes complete the street style transformation. Pick statement accessories that align with your muse’s aesthetic.

Customize the Look with Your Own Twist

Add your own flair like customized denim, unique pins, or even styling your hair a certain way. This injects your personality into the look.

Have Fun with It!

Street style is all about expressing yourself. The best way to nail the look is by having fun with fashion and not taking it too seriously. Confidence is key!


Street style opens up an exciting new avenue for men to be stylish while feeling comfortable and confident. Key elements like statement pieces, layering, and accessories help create head-turning street style outfits.

Drawing inspiration from icons like Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, and David Beckham can ignite your own personal style evolution. At the same time, understanding and adapting trends like athleisure and bold prints can keep your looks relevant.

Most importantly, develop your own unique street style by customizing looks around your personal preferences. With so many options now available, men have the freedom to be creative and bold with fashion. So embrace your individuality and use street style inspiration to craft looks that make you feel amazing!



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